Division of home after end of relationship

It is not easy to find a home for both ex-partners after the end of a relationship. It is even very difficult for many people to find another home. That is why one had a lot of interest in having the other person leave the home so that they themselves van stay in the home.

Fortunately, this is usually resolved by mutual agreement. Sometimes ex-partners stay together a little longer until a house becomes available or one of the ex-partners temporarily stays with friends or family. If mutual consultation fails, Advocatenkantoor Elbertse can help to make an arrangement about the home. If necessary, by requesting a ruling from the court.

Please remember that sometimes things still need to be arranged regarding the home. With a rental agreement, the landlord must sometimes be asked for permission to adjust the rental contract. In the case of an owner-occupied home, the release from joint and several liability for the mortgage must be arranged, the buyout and the distribution via the notary.