Rates and Conditions


We are clear about our rates. You can contact us for € 190.00 per hour excluding VAT (including VAT this amounts to € 229.90 per hour). We do not charge office costs because we believe that this should be included in the price.

‘Toevoeging’ / Funded legal aid

Do you have a low income and assets? Then you may be eligible for legal aid (a ‘toevoeging’). This means that the government pays the majority of the bill, and you often only have to pay a limited personal contribution. The relevant personal contributions depend on the level of your income and equity and the jurisdiction. The lowest personal contribution is only € 167.00 per case. More information about the amount of the personal contribution can be found here.

Did you know that in some cases you can receive special assistance from your municipality for your personal contribution? This is also possible if you do not receive social assistance benefits, but you do have an income around social assistance level.

Whether you are eligible for a ‘toevoeging’ is not only determined by your income and assets. The Legal Aid Board (Raad voor Rechtsbijstand) also sets substantive standards. For example, for some problems it is stated that you should be able to solve them independently, without the help of a lawyer. Mr Elbertse regularly works on the basis of a ‘toevoeging’ and can tell you exactly whether you qualify for one for your legal matter.

Organization, general terms and conditions, office complaints procedure and privacy

Advocatenkantoor Elbertse is a sole proprietorship owned by Mr Elbertse. Mr Elbertse is registered as a lawyer with the Dutch Bar Association and is bound by the associated rules of conduct (available via www. advocatenorde.nl). Mr Elbertse has taken out professional liability insurance.

Our general terms and conditions apply to our work. You will find this here.

We use an office complaints procedure. You will find this here.

You will find the privacy policy here.

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