Personal and family law is mainly known for divorce. And this is also the most common reason why people engage a personal and family law specialist.

Consultation is often still possible between you and your ex-partner and you would like to arrange the consequences of the divorce together. Not only for you, but also for your children. You would like an explanation of the legal consequences of the divorce and have your agreements recorded in a divorce agreement. This can also be done through mediation. Mr. L.E.M. (Linda) Elbertse specializes as a divorce lawyer and divorce mediator. Click here for the separate page about divorce mediation.

Consultation is not successful in all cases. Sometimes it is necessary to ask the judge to make a decision. Advocatenkantoor Elbertse can also help with this.

You can also contact us if problems arise later, such as disputes about alimony, contact with the children, the division of the house or the assets.

Are you not married but do you have a registered partnership? We can also help with the dissolution of this.