Some legal problems cannot be solved by yourself. For that you need help. Specialized help. Over the years, Law Firm Elbertse (Advocatenkantoor Elbertse) has specialized in family law and in debt relief law. In the region Pijnacker (municipality Pijnacker-Nootdorp), we help people with, for example, divorce, parental access matters, the termination of cohabitation or problems in the debt relief process.

Professionalism, sincerity, understandable language and solving your problems are core values for Advocatenkantoor Elbertse. We will advise you and try to reach a mutual agreement. If that fails, we will defend your interests in court.

In the menu you will see additional information about the most common matters that Mr Elbertse handles. Is your question not listed here? You can always contact us about your issue. Not everything is included in the list and perhaps we can help you further.

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