Seperation Mediation

The relationship between you and your partner is over. You want to settle the consequences of the breakup together.

When you seperate, there is a lot to deal with. In some cases you will manage to arrange everything yourself, but help is often desperately needed. How do you determine the amount of alimony? And what should be in a covenant so at least one of you can continue to live in the house? And what about those marriage agreements or cohabitation agreements? What should best be included in the parenting plan? And how do you improve the communication between you?

These are just a few questions you may face during a seperation.

If you opt for mediation, the mediator will work with you both to determine what needs to be arranged and will explain the legal standards. The starting point of mediation is that you make the decisions together. Linda Elbertse is trained as a specialized mediator in family law. She will work with you to make the breakup as smooth as possible.

If you are married, it is necessary to have at least one lawyer involved in your divorce. The divorce must be orderd by the court and only a lawyer can file such a divorce petition. It’s convenient that Linda Elbertse is not only a mediator, but also a lawyer. She can submit a joint petition with the court and there is no need to see a separate lawyer.

The same goes for registered partnerships if you have children. In those cases a lawyer is needed to file a joint petition to terminate the registered partnership.

Are you and your partner interested in mediation? You can make a free, non-binding appointment together at Law Firm Elbertse. During this meeting, Linda Elbertse will explain the mediation process in detail.

Meditation is often cheaper and faster than adversarial proceedings.